April 28, 2016 - "Sneak Peek" and "Nancarrow" piano audition planned for Railfest, 6 May

Due to some diligent work by K├ęcia and some great input from the city and others we should have a temporary power drop at the future location of the RMHC, 116 E. Broad, in time to provide a sneak peak at the building. Further, the Marshall & Wendell AMPICO player will be delivered on Monday and be up and making music for those passing by.


April 4, 2016 - RMHC's website goes live on the internet.

Older News

February 26, 2016 - RMHC Acquires Authentic Nancarrow Preferred Player Piano

The RMHC has acquired a rare Marshall and Wendell AMPICO player piano in even rarer near mint condition. This is type piano Conlon Nancarrow strongly preferred that his compositions be played on. As such, it will draw Nancarrow scholars to the RMHC to hear Nancarrow as he wanted it performed. The RMHC will be the only Nancarrow center in the United States with this ability.

This instrument was purchased from a Dallas couple who raised their children around it and acquired it from the original owner. It was manufactured in 1928 and was a top of the line unit. Howard Gustafson of Ragland Piano, who is RMHC consultant for pianos, says this is about the heaviest piano he ever moves.

February 25, 2016 - Klipsh to partner with RMHC to archive Klipschtapes

Klipsch and the Regional Music Heritage Center will partner to archive the recorded legacy of Paul W. Klipsch. Paul Klipsch, the "Legend in Sound" of Hope, Arkansas is best remembered for having designed the Klipschorn. The design is so perfect that it holds the title to having the longest run of any loudspeaker in history with no changes in the basic design. First produced in 1946 it is now in its 70th year of continuous production. Klipsch was as fastidious about how recordings were made as he was about his loudspeakers. He personally recorded many hours of magnetic tapes of a variety of music ranging from jazz to pipe organ. While some have been transcribed, many remain on acetate tape that is beginning to deteriorate and must be transferred to a modern digital medium as soon as possible. Klipsch has entrusted this work to the RMHC as we have the skills to handle this fragile medium as well as to transfer it to Direct Stream Digital, the highest resolution digital medium and one than can be transcoded to any other digital medium without any loss of quality not consistent with the target format. That is, an mp3 made from these tapes will sound as good as is possible in that format.

February 7, 2016 - RMHC Launched Texarkana Gazette